As a former NBA Player, AI Logistics founder built his career in a field centered around teamwork, he is mentally and physically conditioned to consistently perform under pressure, with limited time, and little room for error. All of that foundation has been rolled into AI Transport making it a perfect partner for its customers and drivers alike. 

Our vision is to develop a positive, lasting name and a great reputation in the Transportation & Logistics Industry. In order to align AI Transport with our goals and vision we’ve taken the necessary steps to setup our foundation properly, by pre-establishing relationships, taking courses, asking questions, and building a strong, well-experienced team of advisors, we’ve become astute professionals of the industry. As we grow we want to create jobs, and we desire to build AI Transport by using a broad range of technologies and thinking into the future. We ask ourselves tough questions and then brainstorm together to develop solutions. We have a formula for success and we plan to endure to the top!

The AI Way

Our Values


To emerge as a Premier Transportation Carrier & Supply Chain Partner, with a reputation for positive service; delivering, on-time quality service from coast to coast.


To work hard to continuously exceed the expectations of our investors, partners, employees, and customers by consistently maintaining high standards of quality, service, and safety.


We will build a culture centered around charity, kindness, and respect for our business and all who serve it through teamwork, respect, and accountability both inward and outward.

Ohio to Texas, DC to California, We Provide Countrywide Coverage across North America

Our Team

Meet The Team

Amanda Seyfried

Head of Innovation

Ethan Thomas

Customer Relations

Donald Simpson

Head of Operations

Jeff Green

Managing Director