AI Transport is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity within its corporate governance practices. These are applied throughout the company and in all business transactions. Ethical business practices are crucial to the company’s operational foundation, as they are fundamental to the continued success of the organization. Manitoulin conducts all aspects of its business honestly and ethically.


AI Transport has policies in place to ensure that we drastically reduce any negative impacts on the environment; we will  lessen our business carbon footprint through:

  • Strict speed limit policies
  • Driver training programs
  • Anti-idling monitoring
  • Increase trip load factor: fewer trips = less fuel
  • Route planning
  • Newer engines that burn fuel more efficiently
  • Paperless Processes

Setting The Bar

Leading By Example

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– Antonio Davis, CEO AI Transport

Working Smarter


  • Aerodynamic tractors and trailers that reduces fuel consumption
  • Alternative fuel vehicles: electric forklifts; natural gas and electric shunt trucks
  • Onboard state-of-the-art technology measures vehicle and driver performance, ensuring compliance with Manitoulin’s green standards


AI Transport will provides its services through a business structure that both respectful of differences and multicultural.  Our business practices, require strict compliance by all employees at all levels to treat all individuals, organizations, corporations, and government with respect and dignity. 

AI Transport will exercise a positive work environment where ideas and open dialogue are encouraged. We are a  business where no one is discriminated because of race, sex, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, or religion.