Standard of Quality

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Equipment management

Safety management

Cargo management

Cargo management

Safety… One of Our Top Priorities


The Safety, Health, and well-being of our employees is paramount to AI Transport, because of this we are constantly considering ways to maintain a positive and productive work environment by implementing initiatives that encourage good lifestyle habits, promotes physical fitness, nutrition, and eliminate negative emotional stressors. In keeping with our dedication to professional development, our health and safety initiatives are consistently looking for ways to partner with doctors and physicians who can share ideas to benefit our personnel assets.

An effective background in teamwork is at the core of our foundation; every member of our team plays a vital role in our ability to consistently win. 

Our goals are simple: “Continuously Deliver Excellence!”


We consistently communicate with our teams, as often as necessary in order to ensure that all of our employees are aware of the values of AI Transport. With a deficit of qualified, licensed drivers globally, it is important that each employee understands the significance of their role in our company and this industry. Our goal is to deliver practical industry advice, along with weather and traffic updates to our drivers minimize the risk of injuries, accidents and other negatively impactful events.