Driver feedback indicates that drivers choose to work at various companies mainly because of the steady miles and flexibility. AI Transport has accomplished this by establishing strong carrier/ customer relationships. In addition to ensuring fair and competitive compensation and flexibility, our drivers appreciate the respectful and kind culture, centered on respect.


We understand the importance of ensuring the safe and timely delivery of goods and services for each of our customers. The efficiency and ability to provide timely deliveries has a very critical impact on the operations and production of each of our customers; because of this AI Transport has modeled viable solutions into our processes to ensure continued efficiency

Our team is committed to the successful transportation and distribution of goods across North America, we deliver innovative, results-oriented solutions, on the basis of safety and quality.

Full Truckload (TL) Transportation

Flexible Services to Meet Your Needs

We offer each customer flexible, efficient full truckload (TL) transportation services throughout the United States. Our fleet is operated by skilled, well-experienced drivers which represent your company with utmost professionalism and respect for your brand. By partnering with AI Transport you can depend on the reliability and consistency which are the foundation of our reputation.



When your operations require an extra-flexible degree responsiveness? We’ve got you covered! Our cross-docking services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you do business with AI Transport, you can manage your shipments at a time suitable to you. We believe that a true partnership is one that lets you optimize your daily activities whenever and however you see fit.

Winning By Excellence

Partnered for Your Success

Having a functional, full range of services makes us a partner of choice. AI Transport is poised to support each of our customers in all aspects of your logistics operations, from planning to fulfillment and everything in between.